Online Mixing and Mastering:
Online Mixing and Mastering is a new service for independent record labels, artists and musicians looking for a professional and affordable remote mixing and mastering service. Our experience, studio acoustics, and professional equipment allow us to provide major label quality at some of the best online studio rates around australia. We focus primarily on our music mixing and mastering service, but also offer recording for smaller bands, artists and songwriters.
Onsite Recording, Mixing and Mastering:
We can professionally record and mix your track and finish the work with a mastering service that will ensure your songs are well balanced have great presence, depth and with the care and attention they deserve to make them sound as good as possible.


Protools HD 10 with the best DSP & EQ (TDM and RTAS) audio plugins in the market as of now.

Audio Inerface:
Protools HD III - Avid HD I/O (16x16 Analog) - Avid HD I/O 16x16 Digital - Avid SYNC HD

AVID C|24 Controller - Avid Midi I/O - Novation Midi Controller

Studio Monitors:
Dynaudio Accoustics BM6A - Yamaha NS-10 - M-Audio BX5

Studio Headphones:
Sennheiser HD 650 - Sony MDR-2700 - Sansui SS-2

Studio Microphones:
Brauner VM1 - Brauner Valvet - Rode NTK - Rode NT2 - Sure SM58 - Geloso M68 cardioid microphones.

Hardware Rack:
Avalon VT-737SP - SPL MS Master 1020 - Manley SLAM Mastering Editions - Tascam DA-30 MK II - Yamaha Motif-Rack XS - AKAI S6000 - Roland M-GS-64.